Cometa the company that helps you reach your Jobfulness!

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Cometa, is on a highly purposeful mission to help you re-invent your professional life.

Launched last year the company endeavors to assist you in reaching your "jobfulness' !



Founded by an experienced career coach Nathalie (left) and the former Chair of Entrepreneurship of ESCP Business School, Caroline (right) the business partners compliment one another well in delivering a highly professional, well thought through and researched programme of experiences that help people begin a transformational process to overcome barriers and reach their professional potential.

The founders are both French, and they live in Madrid Spain, although they will be operating internationally and recently held an impactful launch in Paris.

I want to explain why what they're doing is great so far. 


Employment Situation in Spain:

In Spain new opportunities are emerging through rapid job creation, but there are structural problems in the labour market where it's sometimes difficult for employers to find candidates with the skills for available roles.

The new jobs being created are not the same as those lost during the crisis, meanwhile people are often unaware of unprecedented possibilities emerging, and that many of them can be more aligned with people's natural selves.

A 'career change' is a relatively new concept in Spain, but nonetheless universally one that should start with self-reflection.

Millenials prioritise purpose over paycheck and actively seek meaningful work. Increasingly they're demanding that jobs include flexibility to meet their individual needs, however everyone can examine why they don't seek alignment between who they are and what they do.

The employment market is changing and people will incrementally need to re-skill to remain employable.

How Can a Cometa Workshop Help You?

New roles often require people to change how they think and behave, but we can often get stuck in patterns that inhibit transformation.

The workshops designed by Cometa vary in length ranging from a few hours, (known as a 'piladora') to courses of several sessions (taking place over a few weeks) and intense day long seminars, normally at weekends. Each address different themes ranging from helping with self confidence, storytelling or personal branding and auditing. Navigating one's way through the Cometa offering taking only the learning one needs is straightforward.

The experiences are participatory and include inputs from a wide range of specialists who run workshops in-between educational and reflective discussions that can be cathartic. 

The sessions have been designed to mean that neither price nor time constraints are a factor in people being able to access them. They offer flexibility to suit your situation and needs. They've also created an environment of trust where people can be comfortable to share and learn from other's experiences too.

In the workshop I attended, several coaching techniques and psychodrama methods were used: for example in the first of two sessions folks were asked to draw and externalise their self saboteur while giving characterization to him or her. Participants then justified this character and its behavior examining how it could be holding them back professionally.

In between sessions positive and encouraging emails are sent out to guide people through the process while aiding reflection.

In summary, I'd recommend anyone to give these workshops a try, and as a guy I was admittedly outnumbered, and I would encourage men to think about it in a gender neutral way and give it a go: it could have an impact on your life straight away.

A lot of consideration has gone into making the experiences good. For entrepreneurs between projects Cometa could really help too!

N.B. Within Spain the classes are held in Spanish.





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